Beyond our Section meetings and the General meetings, there are many different events that we either host ourselves, host with other people, or at least make sure we have a large presence at.

We have two main Fundraising events: The Holiday Home Tour in December, and the Outdoor Living and Garden Tour in May. These are events that we work on all year to put on for the community. These funds raised at these Tours allow us to help the community the rest of the year -- to send students to college, to help military families with Christmas gifts and Back-to-School supplies, to aid FoodFinders and Bethune and so many more.

But they're not the only events we hold or are a part of. We have been known to partner with other groups to help with their fundraising efforts. We worked with the Friend of the Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Library when they started their "Front Porch" Project. We helped begin the Los Alamitos Museum, and we still assist with their rummage sale every year.

You can find us in many different places. We have a fundraiser every November at Standing Ovation, and we join the Friends of the El Dorado Dog Park for 'Bone-Anza' every year. We've had our own Rummage Sale, held a Book Auction, and manned tables at various events around Los Alamitos.

We also support our fellow Women's Clubs, both at the club level and the Orange District. Our members participate in the Arts Festival at Orange District, and just last month we had twenty members join the Cypress Woman's Club at their Annual Tea.

You never really know where we'll show up or what we'll be doing. Ideas we've had for events include a wine tasting and an Art Show. You'll have to stay tuned to know what's coming next!